Welcome to WestPoint iSportsman, the new website for hunting, fishing, trapping, and firewood permits at West Point's Military Reservation. As of June 2017, operation of West Point's old fish and game website, HuntTracker, ended and iSportsman will succeed it. This website will allow users to:

(1) Purchase a permit (under development) - to purchase a permit, users must first create an account. Under the Account tab above, new users can create an account using New User Registration (see Customer Types first) while return users can sign in via Account Login

(2) Check the availability of and sign-out an area - Under the Areas & Maps tab above, users can see if Mine Torne Road, select fishing areas, on-post and off-post hunting areas are open, closed or full in Areas. The Interactive Map only shows hunting areas.

(3) Get updates on regulations, news, and weather - Users may see news briefs on the Home page and more via News tab above. Under the Resources tab, Regulations, Reports, and Brochures are available. See Weather link for weather, sunrise/sunset information.

(4) Meet game reporting requirements 



NEW NEWS Updated: 08/17/2017

  • WEBSITE UPDATES - Content and functions are being regularly added to this site. Check back regularly for updates
  • 08/16/2017: UXO AWARENESS SAFETY BRIEF POSTED - sign in, complete brief. Required before buying permit, checking in/out.
  • 08/14/2017: 2017-18 WEST POINT FISHING SEASONS MEMO POSTED - see fall '17, winter '17-'18 season dates, bag limits.
  • 08/10/2017: iSPORTSMAN ANNOUNCEMENT SENT OUT - sign up for your own Westpoint.iSportsman account now.
  • 08/08/2017: 2017-18 WEST POINT TRAPPING SEASONS MEMO POSTED - see fall/winter '17-'18 season dates, bag limits.
  • 08/06/2017: 2017 WEST POINT AERIAL DEER SURVEY REPORT POSTED - see West Point deer population survey.
  • 07/31/2017: 2017-18 WEST POINT HUNTING SEASONS MEMO POSTED - see fall '17, winter '17-'18 season dates, bag limits.



  • WEBSITE UPDATES - Content and functions are being regularly added to this site. Check back regularly for updates.
  • iSPORTSMAN SITE PERMIT PURCHASE SYSTEM LAUNCH - in coming days, people will be able to purchase permits online here.



  • It is the responsibility of all West Point Permit holders to understand, observe, and obey West Point regulations as well as New York State, federal regulations. West Point Regulation 215-5 is currently being revised for the 2017-2018 season and will be available prior to the start of fall hunting seasons. Violations will be investigated, prosecuted.
  • All individuals hunting, trapping, and fishing at West Point must purchase and be in possession of respective West Point permits . Permits will be made available for purchase and check in/check out will be possible on this website, but until that time can be purchased in person at the Round Pond Bait Shop.
  • All individuals hunting, trapping, and fishing at West Point must also possess valid New York State licenses (e.g. hunting, trapping, fishing) or Federal licenses (e.g "Duck Stamp"). First time hunters must complete a NYSDEC Hunter, Bowhunter, and/or Trapper Education course before applying for a respective New York State license.
  • All individuals hunting, trapping, and fishing at West Point must meet MWR eligibility requirements in order to access West Point for recreational activities. Army Regulation 215-1, available on this site on Regulations Page under Resources tab, contains MWR eligibility definitions and requirements for each customer type. 
  • Due to safety concerns and to prevent interfering with military mission, all hunters, trappers and - for waters inside training areas (listed below) - anglers at West Point must check in and check out of their selected area when accessing West Point. Hunters will follow this requirement for all hunting related activities from scouting to setting up stands to actual pursuit of game.



 2017-2018 West Point Hunting Seasons Memo

2017-2018 West Point Trapping Seasons Memo

2017-2018 West Point Fishing Seasons Memo



    Of West Point's roughly 16,000-acre total area, 8,500 or so acres of the installation is made available in approximately 50 delineated areas for the purposes of big game, small game and waterfowl hunting, and trapping. Hunting area occupancy limits are set by acreage to limit crowding and ensure a fair and safe hunt. Due to proximity to sensitive features, such as residential areas or ranges, some hunting areas are limited to hunter type or implement allowed. 

    Fishing is permitted in all waterbodies at West Point, including the Hudson River. West Point is predominately a warmwater/coolwater fishery. Bass, panfish, and catfish are available in all our lakes and ponds. Trout are stocked in several streams and three lakes. Tiger Musky are stocked in Popolopen Lake for an additional challenge. Anglers will register when accessing Popolopen Brook, Trout/Mineral Springs Brook, Beaver Pond, Cranberry Pond, Weyants Pond, Stilwell Lake, Mine Lake and Lake Georgina.

    To ensure sound natural resources management in compliance with the requirements of the federal Sikes Act, an Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) was developed in partnership and signatory cooperation with the N.Y.S. Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), with full public disclosure as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The INRMP and its implementation helps ensure: (1) Sustainability of quality training lands to accomplish military mission, (2) Compliance with environmental laws and regulations; (3) Good stewardship of public lands; and (4) Enhancement of quality of life on and around West Point.

    This site is still in its early stages of its development and under construction. Please alert West Point Natural Resources to user issues, broken links, etc: Christopher Killough, Fish & Wildlife Technician; ORISE/USAG, Natural Resources Branch, DPW; Office Phone: (845) 938-2314; Email: christopher.killough@usma.edu

- Natural Resources Branch, DPW