NEW 2017 WEST POINT HUNTING MAPS AVAILABLE: 18"x24" Updated Waterproof Hunting Maps for sale for $2.00 at Round Pond. 2017 West Point Hunting Map is a map only hunters should use. Hunters should not use Training Area Maps. Training Areas Can Differ Greatly From Hunting Areas. An 8.5"x11" copy of the same map is available on the Other Maps page.


West Point Hunting Map

West Point Cantonment Hunting Map

West Point Trapping Map

West Point Fishing & Boating Map




Depth Chart - Bull Pond

Depth Chart - Lake Frederick

Depth Chart - Cragston Lakes

Depth Chart - Cranberry Pond

Depth Chart - Lusk Reservoir

Depth Chart - Lake Georgina

Depth Chart - Mine Lake

Depth Chart - Round Pond

Depth Chart - Lake Stilwell

Depth Chart - Wilkins Pond

Depth Chart - Weyants Pond