In order to purchase a trapping permit, an individual must visit the Natural Resource Branch office (Bldg 667) in person. At that time, provided there are still unassigned trapping areas available, an eligible applicant will 1. Complete and sign a trapping authorization form, 2. Be assigned their trapping area, and 3. Be issued a hard-copy trapping map. An individual will then be given a Trapping Authorization validation on their iSportsman account and be able to purchase their trapping permit online, completing the permitting process. Individuals applying for West Point Trapping Permit in person must present their NYS Trapping License and Military/DoD ID to purchase a permit. 

REMINDER: Round Pond Recreation is no longer selling NYS Licenses. All eligible personnel must have NYS License prior to purchasing a West Point Permit.


All trappers doing any trapping related activities from walking, scouting, setting up stands to the actual pursuit of games must sign out online. In the past, West Point trappers signed out through HuntTracker, but as of June 2017, operation of HuntTracker has been discontinued. Trappers may now sign out through this site when logged into their account. To sign in and sign out through iSportsman while in our West Point trapping areas, please create an account. Once approved and after you visit West Point's Natural Resource Branch office, as instructed above, you will be able to purchase a West Point trapping permit and sign in and out of areas during Trapping seasons.


West Point allows limited hunting, during big game season only, by members of the General Public. However West Point does not permit trapping, fishing, small game hunting, waterfowl or migratory bird hunting by members of the General Public. All individuals wishing to trap at West Point must meet Customer Type eligibility requirements. Please see Customer Types page on this website to determine if you meet these requirements.


West Point has discontinued the in-person sale of New York State Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Licenses. Hunters, trappers and anglers looking to buy West Point permits may purchase them on this site after creating an account or in-person. For more information about West Point permits, please contact +1 (845) 938 - 2503.

Hunters, trappers and anglers are able to purchase their New York State Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Licenses online, in person at various local locations include at the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and Town of New Windsor, or via telephone through NYSDEC's DECAL license order hotline at +1 (866) 933-2257. A comprehensive list of locations is available from New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)

Please note, fishing licenses are instantly valid but for hunting and trapping licenses purchased online or by phone, you must wait 14 business days to receive your license/tags by mail before going trapping. To get licenses/tags instantly, visit a license issuing agent location. Active Duty, non-NYS resident personnel can still purchase discounted NYS License either online or in person.

If purchasing a discounted NYS License in person, one may do so at various locations including the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and Town of New Windsor. If purchasing in person, one is encouraged to fill out this form ahead of time. More information about NYS reduced fee sporting licenses is available here.


This web page does not contain all West Point trapping regulations. Consult USMA Regulation 215-5 for the complete listing. USMA Regulation 215-5 in currently undergoing revision and when completed, the latest approved version will be made available here. Until then, the USMA Regulation 215-5 edition last revised in October 2011 should be consulted. West Point's annual Trapping Memorandum will list trapping season dates and bag limits. New York State trapping laws govern seasons, bag limits and permitted traps unless the West Point provisions are more restrictive. Individuals are responsible for complying with all rules and laws. 

Permit Requirements

All trappers must have a New York trapping license and a West Point trapping permit to trap at West Point. New York trapping licenses can be purchased at any town clerk's office or at some sporting goods stores. To purchase a license, you need a previous license issued by any state or Canadian province or proof of completion of a trapper safety course from any state.

Military personnel stationed in New York qualify for resident licenses. A New York driver's license or a copy of your assignment orders will satisfy the proof of residency requirement. Cadets from other states as full-time students also qualify for New York resident licenses.


This section will be completed at a later date.


West Point Trappers can pursue a wide variety of furbearer species including beaver, bobcat, mink, muskrat, river otter, raccoon, red fox, gray fox, coyote, opossum, weasel, and fisher. River otter, bobcat, and fisher trapping areas and intended harvested must be authorized in advance by Natural Resources (DPW/NRB).


There are several West Point regulations in place to improve safety conditions for hunting, trapping on West Point:

  1. All big game hunters, small game hunters, and trappers will wear at least 100 square inches (visible from all sides) of blaze orange at all times. Waterfowl and spring turkey hunters are exempted from this regulation while hunting in place, but must comply with the regulation during walk-in/walk-out. 
  2. No firearm or bow may be discharged within 50 feet of a major roadways that intersect or adjoin the reservation (Route 6, Route 9W, Route 293, Route 218, Mine Torne Road, Smith Clove Road, Mineral Springs Road, and Stony Lonesome Road). 
  3. Obey the hunter capacities for each of the areas. The area quotas were designed to spread people out so that a hunter is less likely to crowd upon another hunter using the area.
  4. New York State Law and West Point regulation prohibit shooting a bow or firearm within 500 feet of an occupied building. 



New York law requires successful otter, bobcat, and fisher trappers to fill out a NYSDEC Furbearer Possession Tag, allowing trappers to legally possess the pelt or unskinned animal until pelt sealing is required.  For otter, bobcat, and fisher, a NYSDEC Possession Tag may be found here. This tag must be completed immediately upon arrival of hunter with harvested furbearer at mode of travel, camp, or home (whichever occurs first). This tag is not an official pelt seal but must accompany pelt or unskinned animal at all times. Unfortunately, every year hunters unknowingly commit violations of New York game laws by not properly filling out their tags. The fine can vary every year.

To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, here are a few bits of information to keep in mind when filling out your tags. First, be sure to carry to a pen. A pencil is not legal. Keep the pen next to your body in cold weather so that the ink will not freeze. Second, on deer and turkey carcass tags, the month and date must be cut out or marked out. The month is one side of the tag (in letters) and the dates (in numbers) are along another side. Finally, there are several blocks on tags which successful hunters frequently either leave blank or fill incorrectly:

The information you record in these blocks is important for New York State in managing its deer populations. Here are the proper pieces of information:

  • COUNTY of KILL: West Point is in Orange County. Constitution Island is in Putnam County.
  • TOWN of KILL: This refers to township, not town, city, or community. West Point is within three townships - Highlands (the main township), Woodbury, and Cornwall. The boundaries to each township are located on your Hunting Map. Consult your map to determine which township you are in. 
  • NEAREST VILLAGE: Use "West Point".
  • WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT UNIT: Because New York has such varied terrain and habitats, these regions support different levels of deer populations. To effectively manage the state deer herd, New York subdivides the state into many smaller units (wildlife management units) each with its own management requirements. West Point is located within wildlife management unit "3P".

Most of the other blocks are self-explanatory. Be sure that all areas are filled correctly. The New York Regulation Guide you receive when you buy your license also explains how to fill out your tags. If there is still confusion, contact the Natural Resources Branch for answers to any remaining questions.


New York State also requires pelt sealing for harvested bobcat, otter, fisher (all found on West Point) and marten (not found on West Point). Pelts are sealed by having a NYSDEC representative attach plastic seal(s) to the pelt(s) or unskinned carcass of otter, bobcat, fisher, or marten. In order to make arrangements to get pelt sealed, contact the local regional NYSDEC wildlife office at New Paltz. The pelt must be sealed before it is exported from the state, sold or given to another person, mounted or tanned, or before ten days have passed since the close of the trapping season in which the animal was harvested. Once sealed, the seal must remain attached to the pelt or carcass until it is processed for display or use. 



  • NATURAL RESOURCES BRANCH, DHPW: For questions and concerns about wildlife management operations, game species populations, hunting and trapping regulations, or to report injured wildlife or bear sightings, call: 1 (845) 938-2177, -2314, -3857, -1973
  • OUTDOOR RECREATION DIVISION, FMWR: For questions and concerns about West Point hunting and guest passes, NY hunting licenses, area maps, West Point hunting regulations including USMA Regulation 215-5, call: 1 (845) 938-2503 or 1 (845) 938-8810.
  • RANGE CONTROL: For questions about access to reservation training areas for hunting, fishing, and trapping including questions about keys, gates, range roads, and range area firing or to report UXO or trees downed across range roads, call: 1 (845) 938-3930
  • PROVOST MARSHALL: Law Enforcement Sergeant's Desk: 1 (845) 938-3333. For on-installation game or other environmental violations, call CLEOs at 1 (845) 938-2797, 1 (845) 938-0147 or 1 (845) 590-1345. If unavailable, try Sergeant's Desk.



  • NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION (NYSDEC) - REGION 3 OFFICE - NEW PALTZ NY For questions about NY Game laws, license information, hunter safety course information, or other inquiries call REGION 03 OFFICE at (845) 256-3098. To report injured wildlife or NYS Game Law Violations off-post, call NYSDEC ECO's at: 1 (845) 3013.


All hunting, trapping, and fishing on West Point must be in accordance with New York State regulations and West Point regulations as stated in USMA Regulation 215-5. All information posted here is meant to supplement New York State regulations as set by the NYSDEC and West Point Regulations as stated in USMA Regulation 215-5. No information posted here should be interpreted as authorizing individuals to otherwise violate New York State regulations or West Point regulations as stated In USMA Regulation 215-5. If any clarification is necessary, please contact the Natural Resource Branch Office.