Purchase your hunting permit here on WestPoint.iSportsman.Net. An individual looking to purchase a hunting permit must first create an iSportsman account which must then be approved by a West Point iSportsman administrator. Finally, as a new user, the individual must complete the mandatory safety brief (an annual requirement). Once the user has created an account and completed the mandatory safety brief, the user may purchase a permit on iSportsman via credit card. In-person permit sales at West Point have been discontinued. 




West Point controls and vets prospective users in order to prevent interference with the military mission, to ensure safety and sustainability, and to prevent an overexploitation of natural resources. As such, West Point only permits users to hunt who meet specific criteria to qualifty under one of a number of different eligible customer types. For information on customer types and definitions, new users should see the New Users page HERE. prior to creating an account. 




1. REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT - New users registers a new account HERE and awaits an administrator to vet and approve it. Approval of the new account gives the user a Background validation, which for most users will expire after a few years and require reapproval.

2. REVIEW SAFETY BRIEF - Once an account has been approved a user will be notified by e-mail. The user thens log on to his/her account and completes a mandatory safety brief (an annual requirement) giving the user a Safety Brief validation, good for one year.

3. PURCHASE YOUR PERMIT - A user in good standing with both a Background  and Safety Brief validation may purchase a permit if that user does not already have an active copy of. Users attempting to buy hunting permits should select correct permit. (see below)





1. ANNUAL HUNTING PERMIT:  one year hunting permit for West Point good for 365 days from date of purchase. With this permit, a permitee may hunt big game, small game, upland bird, and waterfowl.

2. ANNUAL SPORTSMAN PERMIT​: one year hunting/fishing permit for West Point good for 365 days from date of purchase.  With this permit, permitees may hunt big game, small game, upland bird, and waterfowl as well as fish.

3. MONTHLY HUNT/FISH PERMIT​one month hunting/fishing permit for West Point good for 30 days from date of purchase. With this permit, permitees may hunt big game, small game, upland bird, and waterfowl as well as fish.

4. WEEKLY HUNT/FISH PERMIT​one week hunting/fishing permit for West Point good for 7 days from date of purchase. With this permit, permitees may hunt big game, small game, upland bird, and waterfowl as well as fish.

5. DAILY HUNT/FISH PERMIT​one day hunting/fishing permit for West Point good only on the date of purchase. With this permit, permitees may hunt big game, small game, upland bird, and waterfowl as well as fish.

NOTE: All permitees must have proper New York licenses and harvest tags. All federal, state, and local West Point regulations regarding season dates, bag limits, harvest report, and all other restrictions apply. 

See USMA Regulation 215-5 and annual Hunting Season Notice for local West Point rules and regulations. See NYSDEC website for state rules and regulations.






GUEST - a guest is an individual in good standing that can accompany a sponsor and participate in the same activity as the sponsor. A guest hunter must have a valid NYS hunting license and the sponsor must have both a valid NYS hunting license, West Point permit, and West Point guest pass. Guests must be checked in/out with sponsor remain in the same hunting area as sponsor.

- Guests cannot hunt on Regular Firearms Big Game Season Opening Day nor can they hunt in On-Post/Cantonment Areas J2 Bow, J3 Bow, J4 Bow, or J5 Bow.

Authorized hunters in good standing may sponsor a guest to accompany and participate in the same activity via the purchase of a guest pass. West Point offers two guest passes

1. ANNUAL GUEST PASS:  one year guest pass for West Point good for 365 days from date of purchase. With this permit, a permitee may participate in same hunting or fishing activity as sponsor. 

2. DAILY GUEST PASS​: one day guest pass  for West Point good for only on the date of purchase.  With this permit, a permitee may participate in same hunting or fishing activity as sponsor. 

A guest pass is issued to guest sponsor (permitee), not the guest. A sponsor can bring two guests or one guest and one walker. Guests may not bring their own guests or walkers.

A guest pass is considered invalid if the primary hunting permit of the guest sponsor expires. Guest passes will be considered valid again if sponsor purchases new permit.




WALKER -  is an unarmed, unpermitted individual in good standing that can accompany a sponsor and does not participate in the same activity as the sponsor. A walker may not contribute in any way to the harvesting of game. Activities like driving, etc. as well as direct harvesting of game by walkers are not permitted. Walkers do not need NYS licenses nor does a walker's sponsor need to have a guest pass. Walkers must be checked in/out with sponsor and must remain within five meters of the sponsor at all times.

A sponsored permitee may bring, at most, one walker while hunting. If a sponsor has a valid guest pass he may also bring at most one guest in addition to the walker.




Users that do not fit in to any of the other eleven Customer Types available at West Point, may qualify to hunt big game under restricted conditions at West Point as General Public hunters. See Customer Type definitions on New User Page HERE for more information.

ACCOUNTS: New General Public users may register for an account during the registration period of October and November. All other times of the year, General Public user account applications are deleted. Older General Public user accounts hold over from year to year.

PERMITS: West Point offers 30-35 General Public Hunting permits yearly on a first-come, first-served basis.General Public users may only hunt big game and may not hunt small game, waterfowl, upland birds, nor trap, fish, or collect firewood on their own at West Point.


GENERAL PUBLIC HUNTING PERMIT:  restricted, five-day Regular Big Game Season  at West Point good for ONLY any five days hunting (except Opening Day) during the Regular Firearms Big Game Season in year of purchase. With this permit, a General Public hunter may hunt ONLY big game (deer and bear and coyote) until the permitee has either harvested one deer of either sex or exhausted all five days alotted under the conditions of the permit. General Public hunters may not hunt Opening Day and must report to Hunt Control to check in no earlier than 07:00 a.m. for the first week. After the first week, General Public hunters may check in at 05:00 a.m. like other hunters. General Public hunters may not bring guests. Area restrictions also apply. 






* All hunters and their guests and walkers doing any hunting related activities from walking, scouting, setting up stands/blinds or cameras, etc to the actual pursuit of game must check in and check out on iSportsman. 

* EXCEPTION - OPENING DAY OF REGULAR FIREARMS BIG GAME SEASON: On Opening Day of Regular Firearms Big Game Season, the iSportsman system is usually down. On this day all hunters check-in and check-out in person at Hunt Control. 







 Hunting hours for regular big game season are sunrise to sunset*.  Hunters may check into an area to hunt via iSportsman and enter the woods to hunt at 0500 at the earliest but must be be out of an area and check out of the area via iSportsman by an hour after sunset.

* Regular big game season hunting hours apply to all hunters during big game season, not just hunters of big game, with following exceptions: Waterfowl hunters may hunt half hour before sunrise. (See Hunting Memo)



HUNTING HOURS: 0400 - 2359*


 Hunting hours for non-big game season are 0500-2359 (see Hunting Memo). Hunters may checking out an area for hunting via iSportsman as early as 0400 (but no earlier) and but must be both out of the field and checked out of area via iSportsman by 2359.

* Hunting Hours as described in Hunting Memo apply. Hunting for most species is limited to from sunrise to sunset. Exceptions include waterfowl (half hour before sunrise to sunset), spring turkey (see Hunting Memo), and night coyote, fox, raccoon hunting (0400-2359)


* Hunters have one hour limit between checking into an area on iSportsman and being out in said area. Similarly hunters have one hour limit between leaving an area and checking out of an area on iSportsman.

* Indefinite holding of an area not being used is unethical and against West Point regulations. Hunters must use the area they check into ocheck out. Failure to comply will result in possible suspension of all permits/passes and fish/game privileges at West Point without refund.




AVAILABILITY - As a miltary installation, mission related activities and safety take precedence at West Point. Areas are often closed due training, range fire, and inclement conditions. To see areas status today/tomorrow, see Areas HERE or Interactive Map HERE.  

GATES & KEYS - Access to some areas may be restricted due to locked gates e.g. Cranberry Pond, adjacent to areas downrange of artillery, is often closed. Range Control has discontinued its policy of lending keys to hunters/anglers. Locked gates will remain locked.

ROADS - for 2WD passenger-type privately owned vehicles is described variably by road as excellent, good, fair, and poor. In most cases pickup trucks and 4WD vehicles with high ground clearance should have little difficulty in reaching the areas during dry road conditions.




PHEASANT - Ring-necked pheasant are annually stocked in October at six to eight different sites throughout the reservation. Interested hunters should consult the annual pheasant stocking notice for more information.

UNAUTHORIZED STOCKING/PLANTING IS PROHIBITED: No individual shall stock, move, or release fish (incl bait) or wildlife, incl eggs without permission at West Point. Unauthorized release of fish and game is against federal, state, and local regulations. 




Hunters can pursue a wide variety of game on the West Point Military Reservation. Hunting can be broken down into four basic types: Except for General Public hunting permits, each hunting permit allows each of the following.

1. BIG GAME HUNTING - includes pursuit of deer and bear. Coyotes are sometimes considered part of this group. In other parts of the country, turkey are sometimes considered big game. For the purposes of West Point iSportsman, turkey are grouped in upland bird hunting.

2. SMALL GAME HUNTING - includes the pursuit of cottontail rabbits, gray squirrels, red fox, gray fox, raccoon, skunk, opossum, bobcat, and other non-big game mammals. Coyotes are sometimes considered part of this group.

3. UPLAND BIRD HUNTING - includes the pursuit of turkey, ring-necked pheasant (stocked), ruffed grouse, woodcock, and chukkar partridge (formerly stocked). Crow are lumped into this group for the purposes of West Point iSportsman.

4. WATERFOWL HUNTING - includes the pursuit of wood ducks, Canada geese, mallard ducks, black ducks, bufflehead, teals, mergansers, and other waterfowl game. 

In 2020, the iSportsman system was updated so all non-General Public hunters select one of these options when they check in. When hunters check out and report their harvest, the game list is ordered based on type of hunting selected at check-in. 

































New York and West Point regulations require all successful deer, bear, and turkey hunters to fill out the carcass tag immediately. Unfortunately, every year hunters unknowingly commit violations by not properly filling out their tags. The fines can vary every year.

Be sure that all areas are filled correctly. The New York Regulation Guide you receive when you buy your license also explains how to fill out your tags. If there is still confusion, contact the Natural Resources Branch for answers to any remaining questions.




All hunters must have a New York hunting license and a West Point hunting permit to hunt at West Point. West Point discontinued the in-person sale of NYS Hunting Licenses over five years ago.

Hunters looking to purchase NYS Hunting License may do so online via the NYSDECAL System HERE, via telephone at 1 (845) 866-933-2257, at local town offices or sporting goods retailers.

To purchase a license, you need a previous license issued by any state or Canadian province if recognized by New York State or proof of completion of a Hunter Education Safety course from any state.

To hunt deer and bear with a bow you will also need to have proof of completion of a Bow Hunter Education & Safety course from New York State.

Military personnel stationed in New York qualify for resident licenses. A New York driver's license or a copy of your assignment orders will satisfy the proof of residency requirement. Cadets from other states as full-time students also qualify for New York resident licenses.

Please note: NYS fishing licenses purchased online are instantly valid, hunting licenses/tags purchased online or by phone, require a wait of up to 14 business days to receive your licenses/tags by mail before going hunting. To get licenses/tags instantly, purchase them in person.





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All hunting, trapping, and fishing on West Point must be in accordance with New York State regulations and West Point regulations as stated in USMA Regulation 215-5. All information posted here is meant to supplement New York State regulations as set by the NYSDEC and West Point Regulations as stated in USMA Regulation 215-5. No information posted here should be interpreted as authorizing individuals to otherwise violate New York State regulations or West Point regulations as stated In USMA Regulation 215-5. If any clarification is necessary, please contact the Natural Resource Branch Office.