** BIG GAME REGULAR SEASON NOW OPEN ** Hunt Control & Harvest Shed at Bldg 1670 on Mine Torne Road. (Phone: (845-938-2797). All deer, bear harvests must be brought in for mandatory Harvest Check

** HUNTING ACCESS NOTICE POSTED ** During the 2021 Hunting Season, timber harvests and bridge repair/replacement work will limit area access. See HUNTING ACCESS NOTICE for more.

** BIG GAME HOURS & APR NOW IN EFFECT! ** Check-In Hours: 05:00 am to sunset +1 HR. Hunting Hours: 1/2 HR pre- sunrise to a 1/2 HR post sunset. 2019 APR remain in effect. See 2019 APR NOTICE for more.

** CHECK IN/OUT REMINDER ** All hunters must check in/out. Hunters must be in area within 1 HR of checking in and check out within 1 HR of leaving area. Admin, CLEOs, and other hunters take notice.

** 2021 WEST POINT DMAP TAG NOTICE IS NOW AVAILABLE! ** UPDATE 11/11: Hunters not using tags should return tags for other hunters to use. GP hunters are ineligible.



** PERMIT FEE INCREASE NOW IN EFFECT ** All hunting, trapping, and fishing permits were increased effective​ 01 Sep. 2021. 2021 PERMIT FEE INCREASE NOTICE is now available for more information!

** EMAIL UPDATE REMINDER ** All users: please verify account emails. users with @mail.mil emails, soon to be replaced with @army.mil should update to @army.mil or another email asap. 


** FIREWOOD COLLECTION PERMITS ** As of 01 October 2020 1) all Firewood Collection permitting is conducted via Sportsman. and 2) collecting firewood in specific areas is permitted via a $5 daily permit.   See FIREWOOD COLLECTION PAGE. 



Welcome to West Point iSportsman, the new website for hunting, fishing, trapping, and firewood permits at West Point's Military Reservation. In August 2017, this website and user system went live. Together West Point iSportsman lets its users: 

(1) Purchase a permit - to purchase a permit, users must have an account. Under Account above, new users can create an account using New User Registration (directed t/ a New Users page users should read) while return users can sign in via Account Login

(2) Check the availability of and check-in/check-out an area - Under Areas & Maps above, users can see if Mine Torne Road, fishing/hunting areas are open/closed/full in Areas. The Interactive Map only shows hunting areas. To check-in/check-out users must login.

(3) Get updates on regulations, news, and more - Users may see news briefs on the Home page and more via News tab above. Under the Resources tab, find RegulationsReportsBrochures, Harvests, Photos, & Weather. 

(4) Meet game reporting requirements - All big game (bear, deer) must be reported but all harvest should be reported. Understanding what animals are taken allows Natural Resource Branch to better understand and sustainably manage fish and game populations, habitat.


** ELIGIBILITY ** Periodic reviews of user eligibility occur. Users /w expired eligibility should expect accounts placed on indefinite hold or deleted.  Purchased permits shall not be pro-rated nor refunded​.

** CHECK IN/CHECK OUT ** All hunters and trappers must check in/out of their respective areas when going afield. All anglers fishing areas that are in training areas must check in/out when going afield whereas those in recreation areas do not. 

** SEASON NOTICES NOW AVAILABLE ON REGULATIONS PAGE ** In order to see current season dates, bag limits, and specific harvest regulations for Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping please see Regulations Page.

** NEW WEST POINT HUNTING MAP ** As of AUG 2019, West Point has a new hunting ma​p. Use only the 2019 hunting map and neither training maps nor previous hunting maps when hunting. MAP NOTICE are now available

** NEW SAFETY & REGULATIONS BRIEF ** As of JAN 2021, West Point has a new updated Safety & Regulations Brief, replacing the UXO Awareness Brief. New users and all users requiring a new Safety Brief validation will view this brief at least once a year.

** GENERAL PUBLIC HUNTERS **  GP users may only hunt big game and may not fish nor hunt small game. The new GP account registration period ends on 11/30/20. See 2021 GENERAL PUBLIC HUNTING NOTICEUPDATE: All 2021 GP Permits have sold out. 

**SEEKING BOBCAT & FISHER SIGHTINGS INFO ** West Point & Black Rock need your help. We are currently looking for any info from hunters on fisher & bobcat sightings.   SEEN A BOBCAT? SEEN A FISHER? LET US KNOW.