In cooperation with the Black Rock Forest Consortium as part of a proposed research project studying connectivity of forests across the landscape in the Hudson Highlands, the West Point Natural Resources Branch is seeking any information from West Point hunters related to fisher sightings.




A fisher (Pekania pennanti, formerly Martes pennanti), pictured above, is a native omnivorous mammal in the weasel family.  Fishers are known for their athletic hunting abilities and are one of the few predators agile enough to feed on porcupine without being harmed. It hunts on the ground as well as in trees.





 While once common throughout New York State, trapping for its fur drove to it to local extinction in the 1800s and early 1900s in southern New York, including what is now West Point. In th late 1980s and early 1990s fisher were introduced to the Catskills and those animals, their descendants have moved back to Hudson Highlands.







The West Point Natural Resource Branch office is looking for any information on fisher sightings. If you have seen any out in the field in person or on a game camera or a road kill, please email the West Point Natural Resource Branch Office with the following information:


1. Date and Time of Sighting

2. Location of Sighting (Training Area)

3. What was the animal doing?


If you have any pictures of the animal, please send them along attached to the email to: